Chance and luck are when hard work and determination meet opportunity”  - J. Quirk

Jarett Quirk and Jerome Dill found themselves meeting on a normal day, in a normal coffee shop as normal individuals. As conversation flourished and a friendship bloomed, they discovered they’d been leading parallel lives in different countries with aligned values and ideas of conservation and business. Both realizing that together they could create something that was far beyond normal. Together they could create something extraordinary.

Both Quirk & Dill set out with a solid concept of creating a line of products based on recycling and reusing one of the world’s largest waste materials, coffee. Utilizing an abundant and readily discarded waste product by morphing it into an all natural, organic, usable commodity that would benefit both mankind and nature is what the official company of Quirk & Dill is all about.

With that being said, Quirk & Dill are pleased to offer you the first of many exceptional products to come.